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You work to serve the public, so let us serve you. Our single software can let you satisfy donors, help meet compliance requirements and retain a staff that’s effective and engaged.

Keeping and developing employees

Competitive pay and high turnover are challenges for nonprofits. Our comprehensive software helps you keep and develop staff while improving job satisfaction. With Paycom, you can:

  • set up a flexible scheduling system with self-service access for your staff
  • plan for performance reviews and track the results for better development systems
  • easily train employees with mobile-friendly courses and videos

Making HR cost-effective

Keeping administrative costs down is essential to your mission. Paycom’s easy-to-administer, one-stop payroll and HR platform can help keep everyone happy. See how you can benefit from:

  • mobile tools that allow for completion of essential tasks from anywhere
  • accurate, timely functionality to help limit your tax liabilities and avoid costly penalties
  • minimized exposure to violations and fines from FLSA, FMLA, OSHA, COBRA, EEOC, ACA and more
  • staying compliant even as legislation continues to change

Making the most of resources

Nonprofit resources are scarce, so every dollar has to count. We can streamline your HR and payroll processes so your team can focus time where it matters most. Paycom can help you:

  • employ an automatic payroll system that’s quick, easy and paperless
  • secure employee data with one easy-to-access, cloud-based location
  • eliminate redundant HR paperwork and processes, from new hires to senior staff
  • let new hires self-onboard even before their first day

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