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What are we going to build today? Paycom’s comprehensive software helps you tackle tough HR challenges while maximizing efficiencies and resources.

Finding and keeping the best

In the widening skills gap, finding and retaining top talent is critical. Our scalable talent acquisition and management system can help you by:

  • creating a resume database searchable by skills, education and certification
  • automatically filtering out candidates who don’t meet the position requirements
  • creating a library of positions, each with core skills, benchmarks, requirements and salary grades
  • upskilling your workforce with training they can access from a mobile device

Managing your staff

Your workforce is your biggest asset, yet the hardest to manage. Paycom’s innovative time and labor management software helps reduce costs and:

  • compare shift labor rates with earnings for a real-time productivity analysis
  • allocate labor in real time upon clock-in
  • stop time theft and “buddy punching” with geotracking, biometric time clocks and secure, online timecards
  • simplify adjustments like rounding rules, lunch deductions, cross-midnight shifts, holidays and more
  • automatically update payroll with approved hours

Keeping regulators happy

Manufacturers spend more on regulatory compliance than any other U.S. industry. Reduce your exposure to liability, violations and audits with our comprehensive software to help you:

  • securely store FMLA, EFMLA, OSHA, workers’ comp, EEO, COBRA, FFCRA and CARES Act info
  • easily meet ACA-required employer reporting standards
  • quickly access all permits, licenses, training, I-9s, and HR records 24/7
  • instantly perform E-Verify® and background checks

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