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Streamline processes for real results.

Eye on efficiencies

We provide you the tools to not only track and store your employee payroll and HR information, but to:

  • export and analyze it
  • automate and simplify workflows across the organization
  • reduce paperwork and physical file storage

Drive out liability

With a single software, you can:

  • significantly reduce errors from manual data entry
  • automate I-9 verification
  • track FMLA incidents, OSHA logs, unemployment stats, EEO demographics and company/industry-specific required data

Deliver measurable results

Be proactive versus reactive with on-demand analytics of all areas affecting your workforce and labor costs. Across multiple years and FEINs, you can generate customizable, real-time reports on such areas as:

  • recruiting
  • hiring
  • turnover
  • performance
  • compensation
  • benefits
  • payroll
  • overtime
  • labor distribution

Paycom transforms the American workplace by giving employees direct access to their data in a single database. Our industry-leading HR technology empowers employees and managers to complete essential HR tasks in a single software.

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